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Cylinder liners, installing 
1  Check the cylinder block's liner shelves for any damage.
If the liner shelf is damaged it must be overhauled. See Cylinder block, liners removed, milling of all liner 
locations page 82.
Install the cylinder liners without O-rings and fixate them with 9996966 Press tool.
Tightening torque press tools, see Cylinder block, tightening torques page 18.
2 Install a dial indicator in 9992479 Retainer. Place the holder with the dial indicator across the cylinder liner. Reset the dial indicator to zero with a couple of millimetres preload against the cylinder block's face.

3  Measure the height between the cylinder liner and the cylinder block's face. Measure the liner's height at two different points diagonally opposite to each other.
The sealing face is convex. Always measure at the highest point on the sealing face.
Calculate the average value of both measurements.
For correct liner height over the block face, see Cylinder block, specifications page 7.
If the liner's height over the block face is higher than the stated tolerance, then the liner shelf in the cylinder block has to be milled. Milling should take place at an authorized workshop.
See Cylinder block, liners removed, milling of all liner locations page 82.
Mark the liner's position in the cylinder block with a magic marker, so that it ends up in the same position when installing. Repeat the procedure for the rest of the cylinder liners.
4 Remove the press tools. 
Pull the cylinder liners out of the block with 9992955 Puller plate. Place the cylinder liners in the same order that they were installed, together with their adjusting shims. Adjusting shims for adjusting cylinder liner height are available in different thicknesses, see the Parts catalogue.

Flywheel housing 
Remove the crankshaft seal. Check that the housing is free from damage. Apply a 1.6 mm (0.06 in) thick bead of sealant as shown in the figure. Apply sealant around the bolt holes as shown in the figure. Install the timing gear casing using a lifting device. Install the bolts and tighten down according to the diagram. Tightening torques and diagram, see Engine transmission,  tightening torque page 7. Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)

Cylinder head, reconditioning Op. no. 211-069
11666043 Jack 
88800058 Fixture 
88800064 Drift 
88800127 Drift 
88800137 Drift 
88800151 Drift 
88800196 Flaring tool (copper sleeve) 88830175 Pump 
88800342 Puller 
9986173 Puller 
9986485 Support 
9990106 Sealing plate 
9990107 Connection plate 
9990176 Press tool 
9990210 Valve spring compressor 9996239 Lifting chain 
9996159 Pin 
9996662 Pressure gauge 
9998250 Ring 
9998251 Sealing plug 
9998251 Sealing plug 
9998251 Sealing plug 
9998251 Sealing plug 
9998251 Sealing plug 
9998251 Sealing plug 
9998264 Lifting tool 
9998266 Sealing plate 
9998580 Socket 
9998599 Cleaning tool 
9998666 Connection plate
Dial indicator with magnetic stand 10 mm (0.39 in) drift
Installing in work stand 
1  Install 88800058 Fixture on the cylinder head.

Online PDF Volvo D13F Engine Workshop Manual

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