Toyota Forklift 6FG/6FD10-30 Service Repair Manual

Online PDF Toyota Forklift 6FG/6FD10-30 Service Repair Manual

This manual covers the service procedures of the TOYOTA FORKLIFT 6FGl6FD 10- 30. Please use this manual for providing quick, correct servicing of the corresponding forklift models.
This manual deals with the above models as of January 1994. Please understand that disagreement can take place between the descriptions in the manual and actual vehicles due to change in design and specifications. Any change or mod,ifications thereafter will be informed by Toyota Industrial Equipment Parts & Service News.
For the service procedures of the mounted engine, read the repair manuals listed below as reference together with this manual.

1. Safe operation
(1) After jacking up, always support with rigid stands.
(2) When hoisting the vehicle or its heavy component, use wire repe(s) with a sufficient reserve in
load capacity.
(3) Always disconnect the battery plugs before the inspection or servicing of electrical parts.
2. Tactful operation

(1 ) Prepare the mechanic tools, necessary measuring instruments (circuit tester, megger, oil pres-
sure gauge, etc.) and SSTs before starting operation.

(2) Before disconnecting wiring, always check the cable color and wiring state.
(3) When overhauling functional parts, complicated portions or related mechanisms, arrange the parts
neatly to prevent confusion.
(4) When disassembling and inspecting such a precision part as the control valve, use clean tools
and operate in a clean location.
(5) Follow the described procedures for disassembly, inspection and reassembly.
(6) Replace, gaskets, packings and O-rings with new ones each time they are disassembled.
(7) Use genuine Toyota parts for replacement.
(8) Use specified bolts and nuts. Observe the specified tightening torque at the time of reassembly.
If no tightening torque is specified, tighten the bolt or nut according to the standard tightening
torque table.
3. Grasping the trouble state
When a trouble occurs, do not attempt immediate disassembly or replacement but first check if
the trouble requires disassembly or replacement for remedying.

4. Method for battery connection upon occurrence of run-down batteries on 24-V specification ve-
hicle with 22 engine (with 12/24 V voltage switching system)

Online PDF Toyota Forklift 6FG/6FD10-30 Service Repair Manual

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