Seca b40 Online User Manual

Seca b40 User Manual

There is a two-year warranty period from delivery for defects attributable to poormaterials or workmanship. Defects which come under the warranty will be repairedfor the customer free of charge against proof of purchase. Additional claims cannotbe considered. Costs of transport to and from seca are the responsibility of thecustomer if the device is located somewhere other than the customer's headquar-ters. In the event of transport damage, warranty claims can only be made if thecomplete original packaging was used for transport and the device was securedand fastened therein according to its originally-packed condition. You should there-fore keep all packaging parts.The warranty will be voided if the device is opened by persons not expresslyauthorized by seca to do so.We ask customers overseas to contact the seller in their respective country directlyin the event of warranty claims

This product complies with Council Directive 93/42/EEC pertaining to medicaldevices. For more information on the conformity of seca products, please go

Wrap the cuff around the limb so that the edge of the cuff is approx. 2 - 3 cm above the elbow or approx. 5 cm above the knee. You must pay attention to the mark corresponding to the position of the artery. Do not tighten the cuff too tightly around the limb, nor leave it too loose, and ensure that the edge of the mark is within the allowable area. Close the valve. A few pressure on the bulb is sufficient to obtain the necessary pressure (approx. 30 mmHg above the expected systolic pressure) in the cuff. Slowly open the valve and measure the evacuation speed to 2 to 3 mmHg per second. With the help of a stethoscope, you can now listen to Korotkoff sounds. Once the measurement is complete, open the valve fully to allow complete evacuation of the air.

A two-year warranty from the date of delivery is granted for defects in material or workmanship. Defects covered by the warranty are repaired free of charge upon presentation of the purchase invoice by the customer. No other claim can be taken into account. The transport costs are the responsibility of the customer if the product is not delivered to the same address as the customer. In case of damage due to transport, the warranty case can be invoked only if the complete original packaging has been used for transport and if the product has been immobilized and secured according to the original packaging. All packaging elements must therefore be kept. No warranty claim can be made if the product is opened by persons who are not expressly authorized by seca. We kindly ask our customers abroad to contact the dealer directly. of their respective country for warranty cases.

1 1 Congratulations!
With this blood pressure measuring device, you have just purchased a precise  and simultaneously robust device. 
seca has used its technical expertise in the service of health care for more than 170 years and, as a market leader, has always set standards worldwide with its innovative developments.
1 2 Intended use
seca aneroid blood pressure measuring devices are used to measure blood  pressure by auscultation on healthy skin on the upper arm or thigh.
1 3 Measuring range
The read-off scale has a measuring range from 0 – 300 mmHg.  Measuring precision across the whole measuring range is +/- 3 mmHg.
1 4 Contraindications
No contraindications are known to date.

Seca b40 Online User Manual

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