Seca 764 Instruction Manual

Seca 764 Online Instruction Manual

With letter and seal
With seca products you not only buy technology that has been perfected over a century, but also quality that has been officially, legally and instituted. Seca products already meet the qualitative and technical requirements of tomorrow. With seca you buy the future.

The products in these operating instructions comply with the Medical Devices Act, i.e. Directive 93/42 / EEC of the Council of the European Community, which is anchored in national laws throughout Europe.

Scales bearing this symbol are approved for use in medicine in the European Community. seca scales with this symbol meet the high quality and technical requirements that are placed on calibratable scales.

Scales bearing this symbol are calibrated according to accuracy class III of EC Directive 90/384 EEC.

Products bearing this symbol meet the directives and standards - Directive 90/384 / EEC on non-automatic weighing instruments - Directive 93/42 / EEC on medical devices - DIN EN 45501 on metrological aspects of non-automatic weighing instruments.

The professionalism of seca is also recognized officially. TÜV Product Service, the body responsible for medical products, confirms with the certificate that seca consistently complies with the strict legal requirements as a medical product manufacturer. seca's quality assurance system comprises the areas of development, production, sales and service of medical scales and measuring systems as well as ergometry.

seca helps the environment. Saving natural resources is irrelevant. That is why we try to save packaging material where it makes sense. And what is left over can be conveniently disposed of on site using the dual system.

Seca 764 Instruction Manual

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