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Seca 456 Instruction Manual

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The seca seca 360 ° wireless USB adapter 456 is an accessory part for operating a PC in a seca 360 ° wireless radio network. The USB adapter enables wireless data transfer between the PC and other seca 360 ° wireless devices. The USB adapter only works on PCs on which seca PC software is installed


  1. Please note the information in these operating instructions
  2. Keep the instructions for use carefully.
  3. Follow the instructions for use of your PC as well as the instructions for use of the seca 360 ° wireless devices used
  4. To avoid malfunctions, do not operate or store the device in an environment in which it is exposed to high humidity, vibrations, dust, heat or direct sunlight
  5. Do not put the device into operation immediately after transport. Strong temperature fluctuations and changes in air humidity can cause moisture to form on the device. This can damage both the device itself and the PC to which it is connected
  6. Secure the device against inadvertent removal from the PC in order to avoid malfunctions and improper use.
  7. Keep HF devices such as Mobile phones and televisions should be kept at a minimum distance of approx. 1 meter to avoid incorrect measurements or interference with radio transmission
  8. Do not open the housing of the device. This can damage the device. In such cases, seca does not provide any guarantee

The USB adapter is supplied ready for operation. 1. Plug the USB adapter into a free USB port on your PC. 2. Secure the USB adapter so that it cannot be accidentally pulled out of the USB connector. 3. Set up a wireless network as described in the administrator manual of the seca PC software

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCCRules and with RSS-210 of Industry Canada.Operation is subject to the following two condi-tions:This device may not cause harmfulinterference.

This device must accept any interferencereceived, including interference that maycause undesired operation.

NOTE:Changes or modifications made to this equip-ment not expressly approved by seca may voidthe FCC authorization to operate this equip-ment.

NOTE:Radiofrequency radiation exposure Information:This equipment complies with FCC radiationexposure limits set forth for an uncontrolledenvironment. This equipment should beinstalled and operated with minimum distanceof 1 m between the radiator and your body.

Thistransmitter must not be co-located or operatingin conjunction with any other antenna or trans-mitter.

Seca 456 Online Instruction Manual

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