Seca 287 Online Instruction Manual And Guarantee

Seca 287 Instruction Manual And Guarantee

1. Disconnect the power supply from the socket.
2. Tilt the device until it can be moved freely on the wheels.
3.Transport the appliance to the new place of installation.
4. Lift the appliance.
5. Insert the power supply into the socket.
In order to obtain exact measurement results, the floor at the chosen mounting point must be level and stable. Soft floors, eg. the wooden planks yield under the weight of the patient and falsify the measurement result.

Before performing height measurements with the device for the first time, it is necessary to calibrate the height measurement. This is achieved by "giving" the device a reference measurement.
to obtain correct measurement results perform calibration at least once a year.
In the menu you can set the automatic calibration of the height measurement.

Information on how to navigate the multifunction display menu can be found on page 183.
1. Make sure the scale is not charged.
2.Turn on the machine (see "Turning on the machine" on page 178).
3.Select "CAL" in the menu.
4.Confirm your selection.
5.Use the arrow key (hold / zero) to select "AUtO".

6.Confirm your selection.
The message "CAL 0,0" is displayed.
7.Wait until the message "CAL 81.5" appears.
8.Place the graduated reference rod in the center of the foot figure on the base.
make sure that during calibration there are no objects or people in the immediate vicinity of the device (see "Installing the device" on page 174).

Seca 287 Instruction Manual And Guarantee

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