Seca 231 Online Quick Start Manual

Seca 231 Quick Start Manual

In the seca 231/232 measuring rod, you have acquired an accurate and at the same time sturdy piece of equipment for measuring the length of babies.
The measuring rod serves both to determine the length at birth of a newborn and to check body length during the growth process.
It is attached to the following seca baby scales using the assembly material supplied: 
Measuring rod 231: 
model 717, 728, 736, 738 and 739. Measuring rod 232: 
model 334, 335 and 336 

In combination with a scale, therefore, the measuring rod serves as a complete measuring and weighing station.
The measuring rod is manufactured from stable, easy-care aluminium profile.  The head and foot supports supplied make measuring convenient and safe. 
seca  231 and seca 232 measuring rods are for use with seca baby scales in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.

Before using the new measuring rod, please take a little time to read the following saftey instructions:
Follow the operating instructions.
Attach the measuring rod only to the seca baby scales listed above
Use the assembly material supplied
When assembling, ensure that screws are tight and that the rod has been assembled correctly (see chapter entitled “Assembly instructions”)
Never leave a baby on the scale unsupervised.
When sliding the measuring rod, ensure that neither the baby’s hands or feet are on the measuring rod.
Ensure that the measuring rod and scale are cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent infectious diseases being transmitted.
A second person is ideally required to enable length to be measured exactly.

Assembly instructions
Page 3.
Note: the measuring rod is fitted to the tray in  elongated holes to allow the measuring rod to be adjusted exactly and unavoidable production tolerances to be compensated. Place a known reference measure between the head and foot stops and move the bracket on the tray so that the correct length is displayed. In general, however, it is sufficient to fit the rod centrally in the elongated holes.

Seca 231 Quick Start Manual

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