Seca 222 Online Manual

Seca 222 Manual

In the seca 222 measuring rod, you have acquired an accurate and at the same time sturdy rod for measuring the height of children and adults.
It is manufactured from stable, easy-care alu-minium profile. The measuring slide is made of plastic and can be folded.
The scope of supply also includes a heel plate and a measuring slide extender to facilitate accurate measuring.
The seca 222 measuring rod is for measuring height and thus for assessing the state of health of patients and for detecting and monitoring pathological nutritional or other physiological disorders.

It is attached to the wall using the assembly material supplied.
The seca 222 measuring rod is used with 
a seca column scale primarily in hospitals, general practice and measuring and nursing facilities on wards.

Before using the new measuring rod, please take a little time to read the following saftey instructions: 
Follow the operating instructions.
Attach the measuring rod only to safe, solid walls
Use the assembly material supplied
When assembling, ensure that screws are tight and that the rod has been assembled correctly (see chapter entitled “Assembly instructions”)

Clean the measuring rod as required using a domestic cleaning agent or commercially-available disinfectant.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

A two-year warranty from date of delivery applies to defects attributable to poor materials or workmanship. All moveable parts – batteries, cables, mains units, rechargeable batteries etc. – are excluded. Defects which come under warranty will be made good for the customer at no charge on production of the receipt. No further claims can be entertained. The costs of transport in both directions will be borne by the customer should the equipment be located anywhere other than the customer’s premises. In the event of transport damage, claims under warranty can be honoured only if the complete original packaging was used for any transport and the merchandise secured and attached in that packaging just as it was when originally packed. All the packaging should therefore be retained.
A claim under warranty will not be honoured if the equipment is opened by persons not expressly authorised by seca to do so.
We would ask our customers abroad to contact their local sales agent in the event of a warranty matter.

Seca 222 Manual

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