Seca 207 Online Manual

Seca 207 Manual

With the measuring stick seca 07 you have acquired a precise and at the same time robust length measuring device for babies. The baby measuring stick seca 07 is used both to determine the birth size of a newborn and to check the body length during the growth process. It is off The caliper tongues made of plastic are foldable - so the measuring stick can be stored in a space-saving manner. If wall mounting is required, use the supplied screws and spacers The measuring stick seca 07 is used in hospitals and medical practices

For defects that can be traced back to material or manufacturing errors, a two-year warranty period applies from delivery. All moving parts, such as batteries, cables, power supply units, rechargeable batteries, etc., are excluded. Defects that fall under the warranty will be remedied free of charge for the customer upon presentation of the purchase receipt. Further claims cannot be taken into account. Costs for transport there and back are borne by the customer if the device is at a different location than the customer’s seat. In the event of transport damage, warranty claims can only be asserted if the complete original packaging was used for transport and the goods were secured and fastened in the original packaging. You should therefore keep all packaging. There is no guarantee if the device is opened by persons who have not been expressly authorized by seca. In the event of a warranty claim, we ask customers abroad to contact the seller in the respective country directly

If necessary, clean the dipstick with a household cleaner or commercially available disinfectant. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
If the dipstick can no longer be used, the responsible waste disposal association will be happy to provide you with information about the measures required for proper disposal.

Before using the new measuring stick, please take a little time to read the following safety information. 
Observe the information in the instructions for use. 
Never leave the baby unattended with the measuring stick, otherwise there is a risk of injury 
Only carry out the length measurement on surfaces from which the baby cannot fall

Seca 207 Manual

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