Online Seca 515 Instructions For Use For Doctors And Assistants

Seca 515 Instructions For Use For Doctors And Assistants

With the Medical Body Composition Analyzerpurchased a highly precise and simultaneously robust device.For more than 170 years, seca has used its experience in the service of healthcare and, as a market leader, it has always set standards in many countries ofthe world with innovative developments for weighing and measuring

The device uses an electronic scale. Weight is recorded across 4 load cells. Height is recorded via manual entry or via wireless transmission from a seca 360° length measuring device.
Bioimpedance is measured according to the 8-point method. The flow of thelow alternating current and the measurement of impedance are performed foreach side of the body using a pair of foot electrodes and three pairs of handelectrodes. The hand electrodes are attached at different heights so that per-sons with a height of between 1.60 m and 2.0 m can adopt the ideal positionon the device for a bioimpedance measurement

seca patient files can be created directly on the device to manage measuredresults. The seca patient files are stored in the patient database of thePC software supplied. Alternatively, seca patient files canseca analytics 115also be saved on the USB memory stick supplied. The USB memory sticklikewise contains a seca patient database.

seca patient files and seca patient databases contain exclusively data neces-sary for working with seca products or determined using seca products. secapatient files can be managed and edited only using theThe export and import functions of theexchanging data with surgery and hospital information systems

Seca 515 Instructions For Use For Doctors And Assistants