Online Seca 514 Administrators Manual

Seca 514 Administrator's Manual

The medical Body Composition Analyzer seca 515/514 is mainly used in hospitals, medical practices and inpatient care facilities in accordance with national regulations. The seca 515/514 device records weight, height and bio-electric impedance measurements and parameters, e.g. fat-free mass (FFM), which can be derived from them for automatic calculation. The results are displayed graphically and assist the attending physician with the following medical issues:
determining energy expenditure and energy reserves as a basis for nutritional advice
assessing metabolic activity and the success of a training program, e.g. within the framework of rehabilitation or physiotherapy
determining a patient's fluids status
determining general state of health or, in the case of a previously-known disease, assessing its severity
The seca 515/514 is not a diagnostic device. To make an accurate diagnosis, the physician needs to commission thorough examinations and take their results into account in addition to the results of the seca 515/514.

The device uses an electronic scale. Weight is recorded across 4 load cells. Height is recorded via manual entry or via wireless transmission from a seca 360° stadiometer.

Bioimpedance is measured according to the 8-point method. The flow of the low alternating current and the measurement of impedance are performed for each side of the body using a pair of foot electrodes and 3 pairs of hand electrodes. The hand electrodes are attached at different heights so that persons with a height of between 1.60 m and 2.0 m can adopt the ideal position on the device for a bioimpedance measurement.

seca patient files can be created directly on the device for administering measured results. The seca patient files are stored in the patient database of the seca analytics 115 PC software supplied. Alternatively, seca patient files can be saved on the USB memory stick supplied. The USB memory stick likewise contains a seca patient database.

sary for working with seca products or determined using seca products. seca patient files can be administered and edited only using the seca 115 PC software. The export and import functions of the seca 115 PC software can be used for exchanging data with surgery and hospital information systems.

Bioimpedance measurements are evaluated in graphical form based on scientifically-established formulas. An in-house study by seca established formulas for determining the parameters of total body water (TBW), extracellular water (ECW), fat-free mass (FFM) and skeletal muscle mass (SMM) for arms, legs, torso and the whole body. In the same studies, in-house reference values were determined for the following parameters, in order to allow normal ranges to be shown: bioelectric impedance vector analysis (BIVA), mass indi-ces (FMI, FFMI), phase angle (φ). You can find further information in the Instructions for Use for Physicians and Assistants.

Seca 514 Administrator's Manual