Online Seca 286 User Manual

Seca 286 User Manual

The seca 286 measuring station is used in accordance with national regulations primarily in hospitals, medical practices, in-patient care facilities and in so-called "self-screening", in which patients perform measurements themselves.

The seca 286 measuring station is for conventional determination of weight and height and for determining the general state of nutrition; it supports the attending physician in making a diagnosis or deciding on a course of treatment. 
To make an accurate diagnosis, however, the physician needs to commission other specific examinations and take their results into account, in addition to determining weight and height.

The seca 286 measuring station measures height using ultrasound. Weight is recorded using four load cells. The device guides the patient through the measuring process with configurable voice output. A poster and a label explaining the correct measuring operation are also enclosed.
Height is transmitted to the multifunctional display. This allows body mass index (BMI) and body fat rate (BFR) to be calculated automatically.
Measured results can be transmitted wirelessly to a seca wireless printer or to a PC equipped with a seca USB wireless adapter and compatible seca PC software via the seca 360° wireless network.
Use the measuring station only for the purpose mentioned in the section entitled "Intended use".

Additional devices which are connected to electrical medical devices must provide evidence of compliance with the relevant IEC or ISO standards (e.g. IEC 60950 for data-processing devices). Furthermore, all configurations must comply with the requirements of standards for medical systems (see IEC 60601-1-1 or Section 16 of the 3rd edition of IEC 60601-1 respectively).

Anyone connecting additional devices to electrical medical devices is considered a system configurer and is therefore responsible for ensuring that the system complies with the requirements of standards for systems. Your attention is drawn to the fact that local laws take precedence over the above-mentioned requirements of standards. In the event of any queries, please contact your local specialist dealer or Technical Service.

Seca 286 User Manual

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