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Repair procedure

  1. Most repair operations begin with an overview illustration. It identifies the components, shows how the parts fit together, and describes visual part inspection. However, only removal/installation procedures that need to be performed methodically have written instructions.
  2. Expendable parts, tightening torques, and symbols for oil, grease, and sealant are shown in the overview illustration. In addition, symbols indicating parts requiring the use of special service tools or equivalent are also shown.
  3. Procedure steps are numbered and the part that is the main point of that procedure is shown in the illustration with the corresponding number. Occasionally, there are important points or additional information concerning a procedure. Refer to this information when servicing the related part.

DTC troubleshooting flow (on-board diagnostic)

  1. Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are important hints for repairing malfunctions that are difficult to simulate. Perform the specific DTC diagnostic inspection to quickly and accurately diagnose the malfunction.
  2. The on-board diagnostic function is used during inspection. When a DTC is shown specifying the cause of a malfunction, continue the diagnostic inspection according to the items indicated by the on-board diagnostic function.

Diagnostic index
The diagnostic index lists the symptoms of specific malfunctions. Select the symptoms related or most closely relating to the malfunction.
Quick diagnosis chart (If mentioned)
The quick diagnosis chart lists diagnosis and inspection procedures to be performed specifically relating to the cause of the malfunction.
Symptom troubleshooting
Symptom troubleshooting quickly determines the location of the malfunction according to symptom type.
Procedures for Use 
Using the basic inspection (section 05)

  1. Perform the basic inspection procedure before symptom troubleshooting.
  2. Perform each step in the order shown.
  3. The reference column lists the location of the detailed procedure for each basic inspection.

Using the quick diagnosis chart

  1. The chart lists the relation between the symptom and the cause of the malfunction.
  2. The chart is effective in quickly narrowing down the relation between symptom and cause of the malfunction. It also specifies the area of the common cause when multiple malfunction symptoms occur.
  3. The appropriate diagnostic inspection relating to malfunction cause as specified by the symptoms can be

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