Mazda 5 Technical Guide

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Product concept
Communicative & Dynamic Space Wagon
The new generation Space Wagon has achieved an optimal balance between 'Functionality/Communicativeness' and 'Driveability/Design'.
All occupants, not only the driver, can enjoy the functional space in full comfort.

Vehicle outline Packaging
'6 + One' packaging concept (Seven-seater specification vehicle)
The 6-passenger cabin affords ride comfort for each passenger, and the center open space provides plus-one functionality for enhanced passenger interaction.
'Casual sensibility and convenient' functionality
The best-in-class wheel base realizes advanced driving stability.
Adoption of wide-open sliding doors on both sides.
-Ingress/Egress improvement
Adoption of seat sliding and double-folding functions
-Achievement of optimum functionality for each seat
Design theme
Stylish & Clean
Design image keywords
Sweeping wedge shape
Feeling of solid packaging
Achievement of a smooth dashboard surface
The audio unit, climate control unit, and shift knob locations are integrated in the center panel to achieve a refined appearance. The adoption of ergonomic principles on many parts realizes excellent operability and a functional interior


  1. The adoption of the triple-H, strenghtened frames on the floor, sides and roof areas provides enhanced protection.
  2. Injuries in a pedestrian-vehicle collision are minimized by the increased space between the hood and engine. 
  3. Air bags have been adopted for the driver and passenger-side to soften the impact to the head and face of the front passengers.
  4. Side air bags that effectively protect the chest area have been adopted for the front seats.
  5. Large curtain air bags have been adopted that deploy and cover the front and rear side windows to protect the heads of the front and rear passengers.
  6. Pre-tensioner and load limiter mechanisms have been adopted for the front seat belts.
  7. Seat belt reminders have been adopted for the prevention of unfastened seat belts.
  8. Both ISO FIX and tether strap anchors are provided in the second and third-row seats for child-restraint securing.
  9. An immobilizer system has been adopted. This anti-theft device prevents the engine from being started unless the encrypted identification code, transmitted from a special electronic chip embedded in the key, corresponds with the identification code registered in the vehicle.
  10. Power windows with a safety auto-reverse mechanism have been adopted.


  1. Front suspension - Strut-type suspension adopted - A liquid-filled bushing for the lower arm adopted
  2. A separated input type shock absorber mount has been adopted for improved steering stability and riding 
Online PDF Mazda 5 Technical Guide