Mazda 5 Bodyshop Manual

Online PDF Mazda 5 Bodyshop Manual

Arrangement of Workshop
Arrangement of the workshop is important for safe and efficient work.
Safety Precautions
Protective head covering and safety shoes should always be worn. Depending upon the nature of the work, gloves, safety glasses, ear protectors, face shield, etc., should also be used.
Vehicle Protection
Use seat covers and floor covers.
Use heat-resistant protective covers to protect glass areas and seats from heat or sparks during welding.
Protect items such as moldings, garnishes, and ornaments with tape when welding.
Use of Pulling Equipment
When using pulling equipment, keep away from the pulling area and use safety wires to prevent accidents.

Selection of Cut-and-join Locations
For parts where complete replacement is not feasible, careful cutting and joining operations should be followed. If the location to be cut is a flat area where there is no reinforcement, the selected cutting location should be where the welding distortion will be minimal.

Checking Preweld Measurements And Watching
Align to the standard reference dimensions, based upon the body dimensions illustration, so that new parts are installed in the correct position.
Checking Weld Strength
Installation locations of the engine, chassis, and seat belts are designated as important safety locations for weld strength. Check weld strength by driving a chisel between the panels at every fourth or fifth weld spot, and every tenth regular weld location.

Online PDF Mazda 5 Bodyshop Manual

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