Mazda 2 2010 Owners Manual

Online PDF Mazda 2 2010 Owner's Manual

Congratulations on choosing this Mazda. At Mazda we design and build vehicles to fully satisfy our customers.
So that you can enjoy your new Mazda to the fullest without problems, we suggest that you read this manual carefully and carefully follow the recommendations described.

Regular servicing of your vehicle by a specialized technician will help you maintain your vehicle's responsiveness and resale value. The worldwide network of Mazda Authorized Technicians will provide you with the necessary assistance thanks to their experienced professional service. Their specially trained staff are best suited to serve your Mazda vehicle accurately and correctly. They are also supported by a wide range of highly specialized tools and equipment specially developed for Mazda vehicle service. When your vehicle needs maintenance or service, we recommend an Authorized Mazda Repairer.

We assure you that everyone at Mazda is interested in the smooth running of your vehicle and that you are completely satisfied with your Mazda.

It is Mazda's desire to assist you in achieving a more enjoyable ride in your vehicle. When you read your Owner's Manual completely, you can accomplish that in a number of ways.
The figures complement the words to better explain how to enjoy your Mazda. By reading this manual you will find information about all functions, information about important safety aspects and how to drive in different conditions.
The symbol below in this manual means "Don't do this" or "Don't let this happen."

Online PDF Mazda 2 2010 Owner's Manual