Volkswagen Golf Variant 2015 Repair Manual - Electrical Equipment

Online Pdf Volkswagen Golf Variant 2015 Repair Manual - Electrical Equipment

Technical  information  should  always  be  available  to  the  foremen  and  mechanics,  because  their careful and constant adherence to the instructions is essential to ensure vehicle road-worthiness and safety. In addition, the normal basic safety precautions for working on motor vehicles must, as a matter of course, be observed.

If you lack the skills, tools and equipment, or a suitable workshop for any procedure described in this manual, we suggest you leave such repairs to an authorized Volkswagen retailer or other qualified shop. We especially urge you to consult an authorized Volkswagen retailer before beginning repairs on any vehicle that may still be covered wholly or in part by any of the extensive warranties issued by Volkswagen. 
Disconnect the battery negative terminal (ground strap) whenever you work on the fuel system or the electrical system. Do not smoke or work near heaters or other fire hazards. Keep an approved fire extinguisher handy.  
Volkswagen is constantly improving its vehicles and sometimes these changes, both in parts and specifications, are made applicable to earlier models. Therefore, part numbers listed in this manual are for reference only. Always check with your authorized Volkswagen retailer parts department for the latest information.  
Any time the battery has been disconnected on an automatic transmission vehicle, it will be necessary to reestablish Transmission Control Module (TCM) basic settings using the VAG 1551 Scan Tool (ST).  
Never work under a lifted vehicle unless it is solidly supported on stands designed for the purpose. Do not support a vehicle on cinder blocks, hollow tiles or other props that may crumble under continuous load. Never work under a vehicle that is supported solely by a jack. Never work under the vehicle while the engine is running.  
For vehicles equipped with an anti-theft radio, be sure of the correct radio activation code before disconnecting the battery or removing the radio. If the wrong code is entered when the power is restored, the radio may lock up and become inoperable, even if the correct code is used in a later attempt.  
If you are going to work under a vehicle on the ground, make sure that the ground is level. Block the wheels to keep the vehicle from rolling. Disconnect the battery negative terminal (ground strap) to prevent others from starting the vehicle while you are under it.  
Do not attempt to work on your vehicle if you do not feel well. You increase the danger of injury to yourself and others if you are tired, upset or have taken medicine or any other substances that may impair you or keep you from being fully alert.  
Never run the engine unless the work area is well ventilated. Carbon monoxide (CO) kills.  
Always observe good workshop practices. Wear goggles when you operate machine tools or work with acid. Wear goggles, gloves and other protective clothing whenever the job requires working with harmful substances.  
Tie long hair behind your head. Do not wear a necktie, a scarf, loose clothing, or a necklace when you work near machine tools or running engines. If your hair, clothing, or jewelry were to get caught in the machinery, severe injury could result.  
Do not re-use any fasteners that are worn or deformed in normal use. Some fasteners are designed to be used only once and are unreliable and may fail if used a second time. This includes, but is not limited to, nuts, bolts, washers, circlips and cotter pins. Always follow the recommendations in this manual - replace these fasteners with new parts where indicated, and any other time it is deemed necessary by inspection.

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