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Special tool CEN5021 (Fig. 1), Leica Hand-Held Refractometer, is available and recommended for use as the only accurate way of determining the anti-freeze protection of the new Volkswagen engine coolant G 012 A8D A1.

This tool automatically provides immediate temperature compensation and direct reading of the coolant with only a few drops of sample. Check your test equipment inventory to make sure you have this minimum requirement tool. Special Tool CEN5021 can be ordered through Equipment Solutions at (800) 892-9650. Refer to Technical Bulletin, GROUP 19, NO. 96-01, October 30, 1996, for information about Volkswagen coolant G 012 A8D A1.

For functional testing and repair of the optical warning light) and acoustic (buzzer) oil pressure warning systems, see  Electrical Wiring Diagrams, Troubleshooting & Component Locations binder.
- Remove 0.3 bar oil pressure switch -F22- (brown insulation) and
  install in VAG 1342 tester. See Fig. 2.
NOTE:  From 08.95: 0.25 bar oil pressure switch -F22- with blue insulation.
- Connect tester to cylinder head in place of oil pressure switch
- Connect brown wire -3- from tester to Ground (GND.
- Connect VAG 1527B voltage tester to battery positive voltage (B+)
  and oil pressure switch -A- using adapters from VW 1594 connector
  test kit. See Fig. 2.
LED should light up.
- Start engine and increase RPM slowly.
At 0.15-0.45 bar (2.1-6.5 psi) LED should go out.
  If NO:
- Replace oil pressure switch -F22-.
- Connect voltage tester with 1.8 bar oil pressure switch -F1- (white
  insulation) -B-.
At 1.6-2.0 bar (23-29 psi) LED must light up.
- Replace oil pressure switch -F1-.
- Increase RPM further.
At 2000 RPM and 80øC (176øF) oil temperature, oil pressure must be
    min. 2.0 bar (29 psi).
At higher RPM, oil pressure must not exceed 7.0 bar (101 psi). If
    necessary, replace oil pump cover with pressure relief valve.

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