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The new Amarok is Volkswagen's strong and focused response to the global growth trend popularity of universal light commercial vehicles. In doing so, Volkswagen has consistently used its wealth of experience in the field of design and production of cars with rear and all-wheel drive. Schemes embedded in the car concept drives provide it with excellent driving characteristics.

The Amarok's handling and usability are on par with a conventional passenger car. In daily operation, the driver is assisted by a number of additional systems that provide traffic safety and good cross-country ability.

In principle, in any of its versions, the Amarok is well suited for road use, and for serious off-road conditions. Depending on the prevailing type of use, AWD Amarok can be ordered with permanent all-wheel drive or with plug-in front wheels. In addition, the Amarok also comes standard with rear-wheel drive. The entire Amarok transmission is a newly developed specially adapted to the specific requirements for the operation of a commercial vehicle.

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