Volkswagen Amarok Body Repair Manual 2010

Online Pdf 2010 Volkswagen Amarok Body Repair Manual

Technical  information  should  always  be  available  to  the  foremen  and  mechanics,  because  their careful and constant adherence to the instructions is essential to ensure vehicle road-worthiness and safety. In addition, the normal basic safety precautions for working on motor vehicles must, as a matter of course, be observed.

As these temperatures cannot be achieved under normal work‐ shop conditions, proceed as follows:
– Remove foam material remains on vehicle.
–Restore the paint work structure. If necessary, apply two coats (wet in wet) of glass/paint primer -D 009 200 02- (apply the second coat in the opposite direction) - flash-off time of about 10 minutes.
–Before continuing with this procedure, ensure that the part for replacement is correctly prepared e.g. cut and adapt to fit, corrosion protection measures.
Renewing moulded foam element
–Wrap moulded foam element with sealing cord -AKD 497 010
04 R10- all round.
–Fix moulded foam element to vehicle.
–Secure new part (e.g. A-pillar) in position. Apply gentle pres‐ sure to contact new part in area of moulded foam element and weld in.
–Do not do perform shielded arc welding within 15 mm on either side of moulded foam element.
–Carry out cavity preservation on repair area after painting ve‐ hicle.

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