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The Amarok sees Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles taking a direct step into the medium category pick-up segment as well. Not only is the Amarok the fourth model series from the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles arm, it is also the first 1-tonne class pickup developed in Europe. The new model combines the robustness demanded from a pickup with innovative technology, high safety standards and top values in terms of consumption, comfort and ergonomics. This self-study programme provides you an overview of this new vehicle in the model range from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

The production site of the Amarok 2010
The Amarok is produced in Argentina, in the Pacheco plant. The Suran is produced in Pacheco as well as the Amarok. The plant covers an area of about 710,000m2, of which about 100,000m2 is covered by buildings and production halls. The production site houses the production lines for the various vehicle models, and the plant has its own bodyshop and paintshop as well as a test track. A production volume of up to 100,000 Amarok vehicles every year is planned at the Pacheco plant.

The name Amarok originates from the language of
the Inuit, the aboriginal inhabitants of the Arctic
region of central and north-eastern Canada as well
as Greenland. It means an enormous wolf from Inuit
mythology, which is a solitary night-time hunter.
In Latin based terms, the name is also associated with
the literal meaning "he loves the rocks".
The name Amarok is associated with:
- Power
- Durability and toughness
- Successful capability of robustness and intelligent technology

The Amarok has a sturdy ladder frame, two versions of which are produced for the layout with single or double cab. Both versions differ in terms of the side impact protection as well as the number and location of mounting points for the loadbed (cargo box) and the cab body. This means the loadspace is connected to the frame structure independently from the cab.

The engine mounts and the connections for the suspension links are welded onto the frame. No high and ultra-high strength steels are used for constructing the frame, meaning that repairs to the frame can be carried out in accordance with the applicable repair instructions using a metal active gas welding system (CO2 welding).

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