2006 Volkswagen Bora Service Manual

Online Pdf Volkswagen Bora 2006 Service Manual

When filing a Technical Bulletin, write down the Bulletin number in the boxes provided next to the corresponding repair group. Thus, by using the Repair Manual, you will be able to see immediately if any Bulletin has been published regarding the repair group you want to know about.

Technical information must be available to workshop masters and mechanics, since road safety and vehicle reliability depend on its exact and constant observation. Regardless of this, the basic safety rules, which are of general application in the repair of motor vehicles, must naturally be respected.

To take direct reading of the distinctive letters under the gearbox console, it is necessary to intercept the engine with the gearbox. The console -A- must be removed from the left support of the mechanical group.
In this regard, it is important to only lower the engine / transmission to the point where it is possible to move the console rearward. If it continues to be lowered, the → pendulum support is damaged.
After assembly, the selector lever control cable must be adjusted.

2006 Volkswagen Bora Service Manual For Free

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