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Diesel particle filter
The diesel particle filter system removes polluting soot particles out of the engine exhaust gases. The system includes a self-cleaning function that operates automatically while driving. The filter is cleaned by burning the trapped soot particles at a high temperature. There may be an increase in fuel consumption, exhaust smell, and engine cooling fan operation during the self-cleaning operation.

The self-cleaning function cannot operate automatically during certain driving situations where the engine does not reach its normal operating temperature. An example of this would be short distance driving in cold weather. 

Drive over edges slowly and at right angles if possible. Driving over sharp edges can cause tyre and wheel damage. Do not trap tyres on the kerb when parking. Regularly check the wheels for damage. Seek the assistance of a workshop in the event of damage or unusual wear.

Recommended fluids, lubricants and parts
Only use products that have been tested and approved. Damage resulting from the use of non-approved materials will not be covered by the warranty. Engine oil is identified by its quality and its viscosity. Quality is more important than viscosity when selecting which engine oil to use. The oil quality ensures e.g. engine cleanliness, wear protection and oil aging control, whereas viscosity grade gives information on the oil's thickness over a temperature range.

Dexos is the newest engine oil quality that provides optimum protection for gasoline and diesel engines. If it is unavailable, engine oils of other listed qualities have to be used. Recommendations for gasoline engines are also valid for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Ethanol (E85) fuelled engines. Select the appropriate engine oil based on its quality and on the minimum ambient temperature

Topping up engine oil 
Engine oils of different manufacturers and brands can be mixed as long as they comply with the required engine oil quality and viscosity. Use of engine oil with only ACEA A1 or only A5 quality is prohibited, since it can cause long-term engine damage under certain operating conditions. Select the appropriate engine oil based on its quality and on the minimum ambient temperature

Brake and clutch fluid
Only use high-performance brake fluid approved for the vehicle, consult a workshop. Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture which will reduce braking effectiveness. The brake fluid should therefore be replaced at the specified interval. Brake fluid should be stored in a sealed container to avoid water absorption. Ensure brake fluid does not become contaminated.

Additional engine oil additives 
The use of additional engine oil additives could cause damage and invalidate the warranty.

Engine oil viscosity grades 
The SAE viscosity grade gives information of the thickness of the oil. Multigrade oil is indicated by two figures, e.g. SAE 5W-30. The first figure, followed by a W, indicates the low temperature viscosity and the second figure the high temperature viscosity. Select the appropriate viscosity grade depending on the minimum ambient temperature 3 125. All of the recommended viscosity grades are suitable for high ambient temperatures.

Coolant and antifreeze 
Use only silicate-free long life coolant (LLC) antifreeze approved for the vehicle, consult a workshop. The system is factory filled with coolant designed for excellent corrosion protection and frost protection down to approx. -28 °C. This concentration should be maintained all year round. The use of additional coolant additives that intend to give additional corrosion protection or seal against minor leaks can cause function problems. Liability for consequences resulting from the use of additional coolant additives will be rejected.

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