Vauxhall Agila Owners Manual

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Your vehicle is a designed combination of advanced technology, safety, environmental friendliness and economy. This Owner's Manual provides you with all the necessary information to enable you to drive your vehicle safely and efficiently. Make sure your passengers are aware of the possible risk of accident and injury which may result from improper use of the vehicle. You must always comply with the specific laws and regulations of the country that you are in. These laws may differ from the information in this Owner's Manual.

When this Owner's Manual refers to a workshop visit, we recommend your Vauxhall Authorised Repairer. All Vauxhall Authorised Repairers provide first-class service at reasonable prices. Experienced mechanics trained by Vauxhall work according to specific Vauxhall instructions. The customer literature pack should always be kept ready to hand in the vehicle.

Information on identification plate: 
1 = Manufacturer 
2 = Vehicle Identification Number 
3 = Permissible gross vehicle weight rating 
4 = Permissible gross train weight
5 = Maximum permissible front axle load 
6 = Maximum permissible rear axle load 
7 = Type approval number 
8 = Engine designation

The combined total of front and rear axle loads must not exceed the permissible gross vehicle weight. For example, if the front axle is bearing its maximum permissible load, the rear axle can only bear a load that is equal to the gross vehicle weight minus the front axle load. The technical data is determined in accordance with European Community standards. We reserve the right to make modifications. Specifications in the vehicle documents always have priority over those given in this manual.

Brake and clutch fluid
Only use high-performance brake fluid approved for the vehicle, consult a workshop. Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture which will reduce braking effectiveness. The brake fluid should therefore be replaced at the specified interval. Brake fluid should be stored in a sealed container to avoid water absorption. Ensure brake fluid does not become contaminated.

Additional engine oil additives 
The use of additional engine oil additives could cause damage and invalidate the warranty.

Engine oil viscosity grades 
The SAE viscosity grade gives information of the thickness of the oil. Multigrade oil is indicated by two figures, e.g. SAE 5W-30. The first figure, followed by a W, indicates the low temperature viscosity and the second figure the high temperature viscosity. Select the appropriate viscosity grade depending on the minimum ambient temperature 3 125. All of the recommended viscosity grades are suitable for high ambient temperatures.

Coolant and antifreeze 
Use only silicate-free long life coolant (LLC) antifreeze approved for the vehicle, consult a workshop. The system is factory filled with coolant designed for excellent corrosion protection and frost protection down to approx. -28 °C. This concentration should be maintained all year round. The use of additional coolant additives that intend to give additional corrosion protection or seal against minor leaks can cause function problems. Liability for consequences resulting from the use of additional coolant additives will be rejected.

Vauxhall Agila Owners Manual For Free

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