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This manual applies to 1968 Pontiac, Tempest and Firebird models and contains information on all components of the car with the exception of the body which is covered in a separate manual. The New Vehicle Warranty and other information pertaining to Pontiac models is contained in the Owner's Manual which accompanies each vehicle and the Owner Protection Plan booklet which is issued directly to the Owner shortly after taking delivery of his car.

The arrangement of material in the manual is shown by the table of contents on the right side of this page. Black tabs on the first page of each section register with this table to assist in readily locating in ­formation desired. A detailed table of contents appears at the beginning of each section and an alphabetical index is in ­cluded in the back of the manual.

The Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission identification plate is located on the right side of the transmission case (Fig. 0-7). The serial number begins with the letter P meaning Pontiac, followed by the letter code A, B, C, G, J , Q, T or X designating engine usage. The numerical code 68, following the two-letter codes represents the model year. For more details and location of V.I. number derivative see section 7E of this manual. 

Always place a rubber mat or other suitable material between the bumper and the tow chains or cables. For front end lifting, place chains or cables around the ends of the frame side rails at both sides. All models can be towed without disconnecting the propeller shaft except in cases where the transmission or propeller shaft has possibly been subject to failure or damage. In such cases, the propeller shaft must be disconnected from the differential and wired to tail pipe or car must be towed with rear wheels off the ground. If the propeller shaft is disconnected and the "\J" joint bearing retaining strap is broken, wrap tape around the bearing caps to prevent loss. When towing with the rear wheels off the ground, the steering wheel must be centered and held in position by a steering wheel holding clamp or by tying it to the window division channel. Tire to ground clearance should not exceed 6 inches while towing the car and speeds should not exceed 35 mph for distances up to 50 miles.

Al l 1968 Pontiacs, Tempests and Firebirds will have new type lock cylinders and keys (Fig. 0-9). Two separate keys are used; type " C n (hexagonal) for ignition switch, door locks and tailgate and type "D " (round) for the trunk and glove compartment. The keys will not be interchangeable with each other or with those used prior to 1968 because of new key way design and an increased number of biting depths.

Locks are available without tumblers, springs or retainers. Uncoded side bar locks may be coded to match the keys used on the car by ordering the above parts separately. Five types of tumblers are used to compose the various combinations and each is coded according to a number, one (1) through five (5), 

Pontiac 1968 Service Manual For Free

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