Mitsubishi 6D22 Engine Service Manual

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This shop manual contains the specification, construction, operation, adjustment and service procedures of the Model 6D22, diesel engine for service mechanics engaged in servicing of the Mitsubishi diesel engines. Please make the most of this shop manual to perform correct servicing and wasteless operations.

Note that some of the contents of this shop manual are subject to change owing to improvements, etc. that may be introduced after publication of this shop manual.

Over or undertightening of bolts and nuts has critical effects on performance and functions. Tightening torque is therefore specified for some tightening points. All tightening torque specifications may be considered as "d ry " unless "w e t" is specified. Where no tightening torque is specified, use a torque value specified in the General Bolts and Nuts Tightening Torque Table.

Before starting the service procedures, check the vehicle for total tim e driven, use conditions, and user's complaints and requests to know exactly the engine conditions. Record inform ation where necessary.

Mitsubishi 6D22 Engine Service Manual For Free

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