Mazda 5 Wiring Diagram

Online PDF Mazda 5 Wiring Diagram

This wiring diagram incorporates the wiring schematics of the Mazda5 and available optional equipment. Actual vehicle wiring may vary slightly depending on optional equipment or local specifications, or both.

For proper repair and maintenance, a thorough familiarization with this manual is important, and it should always be kept in a handy place for quick and easy reference.
All the contents of this manual, including drawings and specifications, are the latest available at the time of printing. As modifications affecting repair or maintenance occur, relevant information supplementary to this volume will be made available at Mazda dealers. This manual should be kept up-to-date.

Mazda Motor Corporation reserves the right to alter the specifications and contents of this manual without obligation or advance notice. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical-including photocopying and recording and the use of any kind of information storage and retrieval system-without permission in writing.

These diagrams show the circuits for each system, from the power supply to the ground. The power supply side is on the upper part of the page, the ground side on the lower part. The diagrams describe circuits with the ignition switch off. Below is an explanation of the various points in the diagram.

Connector code
The prefix letter indicates the system in which the connector is used.
F: Fuse box connectors 
J: Joint box/Junction box connectors 
C: Common connectors 
G: Ground point connectors 
D: Data link connector 
0112: Cooling system connectors 
0114: Fuel system connectors 
0117: Charging system connectors 
0118: Ignition system connectors 
0119: Starting system connectors 
0120: Cruise control system connectors 
0140: Engine control system connectors 
0212: Wheel and tires connectors 
0318: 4-Wheel drive connectors 
0413: Antilock brake system connectors 
0414: Traction control system connectors 
0415: Dynamic stability control connectors 0513: Automatic transmission connectors 
0514: Automatic transmission shift mechanism connectors 
0517: Automatic transaxle connectors 
0518: Automatic transaxle shift mechanism connectors 
0613: Electric power steering (EPS) connectors 0614: Power steering connectors 
0740: Heater, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) 
control system connectors 
0810: Air bag system connectors 
0811: Seat belt connectors 
0912: Glass/Windows/Mirrors connectors 
0913: Seats connectors 
0914: Security and locks connectors 
0915: Sunroof connectors 
0918: Lighting systems connectors 
0919: Wiper/Washer system connectors 0920: Entertainment connectors 
0921: Power systems 
0922: Instrumentation/Driver info. Connectors 0940: Control system

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