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At this time, you may notice your engine coolant temperature gauge needle move toward the H and the POWER REDUCED TO LOWER TEMP message may appear in the information display.

You may notice a reduction in vehicle speed caused by reduced engine power. In order to manage the engine fluid temperatures, your vehicle may enter this mode if certain high-temperature and high-load conditions take place. The amount of speed reduction depends on many factors such as vehicle loading, towing, grade and ambient temperature. If this occurs, there is no need to pull off the road. You can continue to drive your vehicle while this message is active.

The air conditioning may also cycle on and off during severe operating conditions to protect overheating of the engine. When the engine coolant temperature decreases to a normal operating temperature, the air conditioning will turn on once again.
If the engine coolant temperature gauge moves fully into the red (hot) area, or if the coolant temperature warning or service engine soon messages appear in your information display:

  1. Pull off the road as soon as safely possible and shift the transmission into P.
  2. Leave the engine running until the coolant temperature gauge needle moves away from the red (hot) area. After several minutes, if the temperature does not drop, follow the remaining steps.
  3. Switch the engine off and wait for it to cool before checking the coolant level.
  4. If the coolant level is normal, restart your engine and continue.
  5. If the coolant is low, add coolant, and restart the engine. See Adding Engine Coolant or How Fail-Safe Cooling Works in this chapter for more information.

Recycled Engine Coolant
We do not recommend the use of recycled engine coolant as an approved recycling process is not yet available.
Used engine coolant should be disposed of in an appropriate manner. Follow your community’s regulations and standards for recycling and disposing of automotive fluids.

Severe Climates
If you drive in extremely cold climates:

  1. It may be necessary to have an authorized dealer increase the coolant concentration above 50%.
  2. A coolant concentration of 60% provides improved freeze point protection. Engine coolant concentrations above 60% decrease the overheat protection characteristics of the engine coolant and may cause engine damage.

What You Should Know About Fail-Safe Cooling 
If you deplete the engine coolant supply, fail-safe cooling allows you to temporarily drive your vehicle before you incur incremental component damage. The fail-safe distance depends on ambient temperatures, vehicle load and terrain. How Fail-Safe Cooling Works If the engine begins to overheat, the engine coolant temperature gauge will move to the red (hot) area and:

Only use oils certified for gasoline engines by the American Petroleum Institute (API). An oil with this trademark symbol conforms to the current engine and emission system protection standards and fuel economy requirements of the International Lubricants Specification Advisory Committee (ILSAC).
1.Remove the filler cap.
2.If the engine oil level is not within the normal range, add engine oil that meets Ford specifications. See Capacities and Specifications (page 296).
3.Remove the engine oil filler cap and use a funnel to pour the engine oil into the opening.
4.Wipe off any spilled oil.
5.Replace the filler cap. Turn it until you feel a strong resistance.

Lincoln Service Manuals
Have your vehicle serviced regularly to help maintain its roadworthiness and resale value. There is a large network of authorized dealers that are there to help you with their professional servicing expertise. We believe that their specially trained technicians are best qualified to service your vehicle properly and expertly. They are supported by a wide range of highly specialized tools developed specifically for servicing your vehicle.

If your vehicle requires professional service, an authorized dealer can provide the necessary parts and service. Check your warranty information to find out which parts and services are covered.

Use only recommended fuels, lubricants, fluids and service parts conforming to specifications. Motorcraft® parts are designed and built to provide the best performance in your vehicle.

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