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Engine oil consumption
The amount of engine oil consumed depends on the oil viscosity, the quality of the oil and the way the vehicle is driven.
More oil is consumed under driving conditions such as high speeds and frequent acceleration and deceleration.
A new engine consumes more oil.
When judging the amount of oil consumption, keep in mind that the oil may have become diluted, making it difficult to judge the true level accurately.
Oil consumption: Max. 1.1 qt./600 miles, 0.9 lmp.qt./600 miles (1.0 L per 1000 km)
If you consume more than 1.1 qt. (1.0 L, 0.9 lmp.qt.) every 600 miles (1000 km), contact your Lexus dealer.
Changing the engine oil (U.S.A. only)
To reset the oil change system, follow the procedure below:
1.Turn the engine switch OFF.
2.While pressing the trip meter reset knob (→P. 100), set the engine switch to the IG-ON mode. Continue to press and hold the knob until the trip meter displays 000000.

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