Lexus 2000 GS300 Gs400 Engine Owners Manual

Online PDF Lexus 2000 GS300 Gs400 Engine Owner's Manual

Use of unleaded fuel with an octane number or rating lower than stated above will cause persistent heavy knocking.  If severe, this will lead to engine damage.If you detect heavy knocking even when using the recommended fuel, or if you hear steady knocking while holding a steady speed on level roads, consult your Lexus dealer. However, now and then, you may notice light knocking for a short time while accelerating or driving up hills.  This is no cause for concern.

Gasoline containing detergent additives 
Lexus recommends the use of gasoline that contains detergent additives to avoid build–up of engine deposits. However, all gasoline sold in the U.S. contains detergent additives to keep clean and/or clean intake systems.

Quality gasoline 
Automotive manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Japan have developed a specification for quality fuel named World–Wide Fuel Charter (WWFC) that is expected to be applied world wide.  The WWFC consists of three categories that depend on required emission levels.  In the U.S., category 3 has been adopted.  The WWFC improves air quality by providing for better emissions in vehicle fleets, and customer satisfaction through better vehicle performance.

Octane rating 
Select premium unleaded gasoline with an Octane Rating of 91 (Research Octane Number 96) or higher for optimum engine performance.  However, if such premium type cannot be obtained, you may temporarily use unleaded gasoline with an Octane Rating as low as 87

Cleaner burning gasoline 
Cleaner burning gasoline, including reformulated gasoline that contains oxygenates such as ethanol or MTBE is available in many areas. Lexus recommends the use of cleaner burning gasoline and appropriately blended reformulated gasoline. These types of gasoline provide excellent vehicle performance, reduce vehicle emissions, and improve air quality.

Oxygenates in gasoline 
Lexus allows the use of oxygenate blended gasoline where the oxygenate content is up to 10% ethanol or 15% MTBE.  If you use gasohol in your Lexus, be sure that it has an octane rating no lower than 87. Lexus does not recommend the use of gasoline containing methanol.

Sulfur in gasoline 
If your vehicle is certified to California Emission Regulation, the vehicle is designed to operate on California cleaner burning gasoline (CBG) that contains lower sulfur.  If you cannot use California CBG, your emission control system may suffer damage and turn on the Malfunction Indicator Lamp. If the malfunction is caused by the type of fuel used, repairs may not be covered by your warranty.

Gasoline containing MMT 
Some gasoline contain an octane enhancing additive called MMT (Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl). Lexus does not recommend the use of gasoline that contains MMT.  If fuel containing MMT is used, your emission control system may be adversely affected. The Malfunction Indicator Lamp on the instrument cluster may come on.  If this happens, contact your Lexus dealer for service.

Gasoline quality
In a very few cases, you may experience driveability problems caused by the particular gasoline that you are using.  If you continue to have unacceptable driveability, try changing gasoline brands. If this does not rectify your problem, then consult your Lexus dealer.

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