Lexus 1991 ES250 Electrical Components

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It is a good idea to purchase a set of spare fuses and keep them in your vehicle for emergencies.If the new fuse immediately blows out, there is a problem with the electrical system.  Have your Lexus dealer correct it as soon as possible.

If the washer tank becomes nearly empty, add washer fluid.
You may use plain water as washer fluid.  However, in cold areas where temperatures range below the freezing point, use washer fluid containing antifreeze. This product is available at your Lexus dealer and most auto parts stores.  Follow the manufacturer’s directions for how much to mix with water.

a. Look carefully at the fuse.  If the thin wire is broken, the fuse has blown.  If you are not sure or if it is too dark to see, try replacing the suspected fuse with one of the same value that you know is good.
b. Only install a fuse with the amperage rating designated on the fuse box lid.
If you do not have a spare fuse, in an emergency you can pull out the ”RADIO NO.1” ”MIR–HTR” or ”OBD” fuse, which may be dispensable for normal driving, and use it if its amperage rating is the same.
If you cannot use one of the same amperage, use one lower than, but as close as possible to, the amperage. If the amperage is lower than that specified, the fuse might blow out again but this does not indicate anything wrong.  Be sure to get the correct fuse as soon as possible and return the substitute to its original clips.

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