2003 KTM 250 sx owners manual

Online PDF 2003 KTM 250 sx owners manual

2003 KTM 250 sx Hand brake lever
The hand brake lever 3 is mounted on the handle bars on the right and actuates the front wheel brake. The adjusting screw B can be used to change the basic position of the hand brake lever (see "Maintenance").

2003 KTM 250 sx Speedometer, indicator lamps (EXC AUS)
The mileage indicator A in the speedometer 5 indicates overall mileage. When the turn indicator is on, the green indicator lamp 6 will be flashing in the same rhythm. The blue indicator lamp 7 will be lit when the high beam is on

2003 KTM 250 sx Clutch lever
The clutch lever 1 is located on the left side of the handlebar. The adjusting screw A is used to change the original position of the clutch lever (see maintenance work on chassis and engine).

2003 KTM 250 sx Hand decompression lever
The hand decompression lever 2 is needed only if a fall on your motorcycle causes overflowing in the carburetor. To "pump the engine free", pull the hand decompression lever during the starting procedure. The outer end of the lever must at all times provide for a backlash of approx. 10mm (0,4 in). Only thereafter may it cause valve motion (to be recognized by the stronger resistance which the hand decompression level encounters).

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