2002 KTM 65 sx owners manual

Online PDF 2002 KTM 65 sx owners manual

SX mini motorcycles are off-road motorcycles designed for one person only. They are not allowed on public
Motorcycle dimension and components are designed for the following age and weight groups:
65 SX: age 8 - 12 years, maximum weight 50 kg (110 lbs), maximum body height 160 cm (65 in)

– Have your youngster wear proper protective gear whenever he or she rides the motorcycle: helmet, eye pro-
tection, chest, back, arm and leg protectors, gloves and boots. To set a good example, be sure to wear pro-
tective gear yourself whenever riding a motorcycle!

– Adjust the hand brake lever to your youngster’s hand size (with gloves).
– Before your youngster takes his or her first ride, explain how each of the controls works and check if your
youngster has understood what you explained. We recommend to review the entire owner’s manual with
your youngster item by item, paying particular attention to the specially marked warnings and pointing out
the danger of injury.

– Instruct your youngster about riding and falling techniques, explain how the motorcycle will respond to shif-
ting of the rider’s weight, etc.

– Before using the motorcycle you should always check all components for proper operation (see maintenan-
ce schedule). Have your youngster perform these technical checks himself / herself as well.

– Whenever you go for a ride with your youngster, keep in mind that the speed should be adjusted to your
youngster and not the other way around.
– Your youngster must understand that all instructions he or she receives from you or any other supervising
adult must be followed.
– Your child must be physically ready to ride a motorcycle. This means that he or she must at least be able to
ride a bicycle. Being good at sports that require fast reactions is an additional advantage. Your youngster
should be strong enough to pick up the motorcycle after a fall.
– Never demand too much of your youngster. Give him or her time to get used to the motorcycle and to
improve his / her riding skills. Do not even consider letting your youngster participate in a race before his /
her physical condition, riding skills and motivation have sufficiently developed.
– Explain to your youngster that he / she should always adjust his / her riding speed to the local conditions
as well as to his / her own riding skills and that excessive speed can cause falls and severe injuries. Always
keep in mind that youngsters tend to underestimate dangers or fail to recognize them altogether. The riding
speed must be reduced, in particular, on unknown terrain.
– Never let your youngster ride the motorcycle without supervision. An adult should always be present.
– The motorcycle is designed for one rider only. Your youngster is not allowed to transport a passenger.
– When you go for a ride, somebody at home should always know where you are going and when you will
be back. This makes it easier to send you help, should problems occur.

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