2002-2008 KTM 50 Mini AC/LC Service Repair Manual

Online PDF 2002-2008 KTM 50 Mini AC/LC Service Repair Manual

This repair manual offers extensiv repair-instructions and is an up-to-date version that describes the latest models of the series. However, the right to modifications in the interest of technical improvement is reserved without updating the current issue of this manual.
A description of general working modes common in work shops has not been included. Safety rules common in the work shop have also not been listed. We take it for granted that the repairs are made by qualified profesionally trained mechanics.
Read through the repair manual before beginning with the repair work. 

This manual contains important information on the operation and maintenance of your new KTM motorcycle. It went to press describing your model’s latest state of development. Nevertheless, the descriptions may deviate slightly from the current design as our motorcycles are permanently improved.The Owner's Manual is an integral part of the motorcycle and must be handed over to the new owner when the motorcycle is sold.

Observance of the service, maintenance and tuning instructions for the engine and chassis specified in the Owner's Manual is a prerequisite for faultless operation and the avoidance of premature wear. An improperly tuned chassis can lead to damage and breakage of the chassis components (see chapter on checking the basic chassis setting).
The use of the motorcycle under extreme conditions, e.g. on extremely muddy and wet terrain, can lead to higher than average wear on components such as the drive train or the brakes. In this case it may become necessary to service or replace wear parts before the service limit specified in the maintenance schedule has been reached.

Carburetor adjustment 
Basic information about original carburetor setting 
The original carburetor setting was adapted for an altitude of approx. 500 meters (1600 ft.) above sea level, and the ambient temperature of approx. 20° C (68° F), mainly for off-road use and central European premium-grade fuel (ROZ 95). 
Mixing ratio 2-stroke motor oil:super fuel up to model 2005 1:40, as of model 2006 1:60.

Basic information about change of the carburetor setting 
Always start out from the original carburetor setting. Essential requirements are a clean air filter system, air-tight exhaust system and an intact carburetor. Experience has shown that adjusting the main jet, the idling jet and the jet needle is sufficient and that changes of other parts of the carburetor will not greatly affect engine performance.

Opening up – B
Engine behavior when the throttle opens. The idle jet and the shape of the throttle valve influences this range. If, despite good idling-speed and part-throttle setting, the engine sputters and smokes when the throttle is fully opened and develops its full power not smoothly but suddenly at high engine speeds, the mixture to the carburetor will be too rich, the fuel level too high or the float needle is leaking.
Part-throttle range – C
Operation with partly open throttle valve. This range is only influenced by the jet needle (shape and position). The optimum part-throttle setting is controlled by the idling setting in the lower range and by the main jet in the upper range. If the engine runs on a four-stroke cycle or with reduced power when it is accelerated with the throttle partly open, the jet needle must be lowered by one notch. If then the engine pings, especially when accelerating under full power at maximum engine revs, the jet needle should be raised.
If these faults should occur at the lower end of the part throttle range at a four-stroke running, make the idling range leaner; if the engine pings, adjust the idling range richer.
Full throttle range – D
Betrieb bei offenem Gasschieber (Vollgas). Dieser Bereich wird durch Operation with the throttle fully open (flat out). This range is influenced by the main jet and the jet needle. If the porcelain of the new spark plug is found to have a very bright or white coating or if the engine rings, after a short distance of riding flat out, a larger main jet is required. If the porcelain is dark brown or black with soot the main jet must be replaced by a smaller one.

2002-2008 KTM 50 Mini AC/LC Service Repair Manual For Free

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