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Unlocking mode alternatives
Single-point entry allows only the driver’s door to unlock with a single press. A second press unlocks the other door and the Luggage compartment.Multi-point entry will unlock both of the doors and the Luggage compartment with a single press. To change between modes, with the vehicle unlocked, press the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. The hazard warning lamps will flash twice to confirm the change.

Setting the driving position
Driver’s seat
Set the seat position using the following controls on the door panel:
1.Cushion length. 
2.Lumbar support.
3.Seatback angle. 
4.Side bolster adjustment.
5.Seat forwards and back, cushion height and cushion  angle. 
Note: Seat heating and cooling controls are accessed via the Touch screen.
Storing the driving position to memory
When the driver’s seat, steering wheel and door mirrors are adjusted to the required position, the settings can be stored.
Press the M button to activate the memory store function. The red LED will illuminate.
Press button 1, 2, or 3, within 5 seconds, to store the current driving position to the chosen number. The LED will extinguish and a chime will sound.
Use a stored memory position by pressing the required memory button. The seat, steering wheel and mirrors will move to their preset positions.

Rear camera and Parking aids
Activates when transmission R is selected. The Touch screen will display guidance lines to aid reversing. When a forward gear is selected and the vehicle’s speed is greater than 10 mph (16 km/h), the Rear camera will deactivate.
The Rear camera view has priority over the Parking aid view. To display the Parking aid view instead, touch the screen. 
Note: Sensors may activate when water, snow, or ice is detected on their surfaces. Make sure that the sensors are cleaned regularly.
Parking aids
When transmission R is selected, Parking aids at the rear and front will activate. The Touch screen will display a representation of the vehicle and indicate any obstruction detected. A colored bar will show the approximate distance from the vehicle to the obstruction.
An audible alert is also triggered and will increase in frequency as the obstruction is approached.
When moving forward into a space, enable the sensors with the Parking aid switch. Alternatively, first select Reverse then Drive. 
Audible alert volume can be adjusted via the Touch screen. From the Home screen, select Vehicle, then  Syst. settings. Now select Vol.presets and adjust the volume as required.
Parking aids will cancel when the vehicle’s forward speed exceeds 10 mph (16 km/h).
Parking aids switch
To activate the front sensors manually, press the Parking aid switch in the overhead panel. 
1.Press to disable the Parking aid. Press again  to enable.

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