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These models are equipped with dual overhead cam in-line six-cylinder engines. The engines feature a computer-controlled ignition system and electronic fuel injection. Transmissions are a four-speed automatic equipped with a lock-up torque converter. The transmission is mounted to the back of the engine, and power is transmitted to the fully independent rear axle through a two-piece propshaft. The differential is bolted solidly to a frame crossmember and drives the wheels through driveshafts equipped with inner and outer U-joints.

The front suspension is fitted with upper and lower control arms, coil springs and shock absorbers. The rear suspension is an independent type suspension which also have coil spring/shock absorber assemblies and a lower control arm. The rear driveshaft acts as the upper control arm.
Power-assisted Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) with four-wheel disc brakes are standard equipment on all Jaguar XJ6 models covered in this manual. Power rack-and-pinion steering is also standard equipment.

Your Jaguar manual
The aim of this manual is to help you get the best value from your vehicle. It can do so in several ways. It can help you decide what work must be done (even should you choose to get it done by a garage). It will also provide information on routine maintenance and servicing, and give a logical course of action and diagnosis when random faults occur. However, it is hoped that you will use the manual by tackling the work yourself. On simpler jobs it may even be quicker than booking the car into a garage and going there twice, to leave and collect it. Perhaps most important, a lot of money can be saved by avoiding the costs a garage must charge to cover its labour and overheads.

The manual has drawings and descriptions to show the function of the various components so that their layout can be understood. Tasks are described and photographed in a clear step-by-step sequence.

Notes for UK readers
Because this manual was originally written in the US, its layout differs from our UK-originated manuals. The preliminary and reference sections have been re-written specifically for the UK market, and the maintenance schedule has been amended to suit UK vehicles. However, it will be noticed that some references to components remain in the US style; the UK equivalent of US components and various other US words is given in the Section headed “Use of English”. It should be remembered that the project vehicle used in the main Chapters of this manual was a left-hand drive US model; therefore, the position of the steering wheel, steering column and pedals, etc. will be on the opposite side of the vehicle on UK models. References to “right” and “left” will need to be considered carefully to decide which applies to UK models (eg the headlight dipped beams should be adjusted to dip to the left of the headlight vertical line described in Chapter 12, instead of to the right on US models). In other instances, no reference is made to the location of a particular item, but that item may be located on the opposite side of the vehicle on UK models. Reference to the underbonnet photos at the start of Chapter 1 will give the reader the location of the engine compartment components on UK models.

All specifications in the main Chapters of the manual appear in Imperial form; the equivalent metric values can be calculated using the “Conversion factors” page.
The only other major difference between UK and US models is in the level of emission control equipment fitted to the vehicle. To meet the strict emission standards present in the US, all vehicles for that market are fitted with various emission control systems (see Chapter 6), most of which are not fitted to the corresponding UK model, especially so on early models. Therefore, a lot of the information contained in Chapter 6 is not applicable to UK models.

Ac knowledgements
Thanks are due to Jean Preis, Rich Wilson and Ray Marcuse of Silver Star Jaguar (Thousand Oaks, CA), Rick Calaci of Conejo Imports (Newbury Park, CA) and Jim Strohmeier and Jonathan Lund of British Motor Cars (Thousand Oaks, CA), for providing valuable technical information. Technical writers who contributed to this project include Jeff Kibler, Robert Maddox and Jay Storer.
We take great pride in the accuracy of information given in this manual, but vehicle manufacturers make alterations and design changes during the production run of a particular vehicle of which they do not inform us. No liability can be accepted by the authors or publishers for loss, damage or injury caused by any errors in, or omissions from, the information given.

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