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Smart key
Press once to lock the vehicle and arm the alarm. 

Multi-point entry - press once to disarm the alarm, and unlock all of the doors and the trunk.  
Single-point entry - press once to disarm the alarm and unlock the driver’s door. A second press unlocks the passenger door and the trunk.
Press and hold to also open the windows (Global opening).
With either method, the door handles are presented for opening. Pull to open the door.
To change between entry modes, with the vehicle unlocked, press the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. The hazard warning lamps flash twice to confirm the change.
Press once to switch the headlamps on for up to 120 seconds. Press again to switch off.

Press to open only the trunk/powered tailgate. The rest of the security system remains active.
Press and hold for 3 seconds to   activate/cancel the panic alarm.

Passive entry and locking
The door handles operate only while the Smart key is within 3 ft (1m) of the vehicle.
To unlock the vehicle and disarm the alarm, press a door handle recess or the trunk release button. The door handle is presented for opening. Pull to open the door.
To lock, press the rear of the door handle until it is flush with the door. The doors and trunk lock, and the alarm is activated. The doors can still be unlocked from inside the vehicle.
When locking, the convertible roof should be up.

Smart key detection
The Smart key may not be detected if it is placed in a metal container, or if it is shielded by a device with a back-lit LCD screen, (e.g., laptop, smartphone, etc.). 
Loose coins in the same pocket as the Smart key can also act as a shield. Keep the Smart key clear of possible shielding when attempting Keyless entry or Keyless starting.

Setting the driving position  
See page 2, items 2, 3, 41 and 47
Driver’s seat
Set the seat position using the following controls:
1.Seatback angle. 
2.Lumbar support.
3.Memory preset buttons 1, 2 and 3.
4.Memory set button.
5.Seat forwards and backwards, cushion height and  cushion angle.
6.Side bolsters inflate and deflate.
7.With the vehicle stationary, adjust tilt and reach of the  steering wheel to your ideal driving position.
8.Press the left or right mirror selector. Use the mirror  adjuster to set the mirror positions.

Storing the driving position to memory
When the driver’s seat, steering wheel and door mirrors are adjusted to the required position, the settings can be 
Press the memory set button 4 to activate the memory store function. The button illuminates to indicate that the memory store function is active.
Within 5 seconds, press memory button 1, 2 or 3 to store the current driving position.
A stored memory position can now be recalled with 
a press of the appropriate button. The driver’s seat, steering wheel and mirrors move to their preset positions.

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