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The control module connector will have either two or four CAN bus pins, depending on how the module is linked into the CAN bus. A four pin connector will be grouped as two pairs. CAN pins in a control module connector are always grouped as pairs, known as 'CAN_high' and 'CAN_low'. Each pair of CAN pins can normally be identified by the wires to them being twisted together.
5. Identify the CAN pins in the unplugged control module connector.
Intermittent faults can exist. If the resistance or voltage measurements are outside of the tolerance 
range, the cable harnesses should be 'wiggled' where possible while carrying out the tests. Also, connectors to all control modules on the CAN bus should be disconnected and re-connected as this is often enough to clean up light corrosion which is causing intermittent connectivity.
The resistance value across each pair of CAN pins must be either 6Oohms (+/- 5ohms) or 120ohms (+/- 5ohms). The value depends on where the control module is located in the CAN bus relative to other control modules, however, for this bulletin test it does not matter which value is recorded as long as the value is either 60ohms or 120ohms.
6. Measure and record the resistance across each pair of CAN pins.
7. With the connector still unplugged, switch the ignition to the 'ON' position.
The voltage between CAN_high and ground and between CAN_low and ground is constantly 
varying, but should be in the range 2 volts to 4 volts.
8. Measure and record the voltage between CAN_high and ground.
9. Measure and record the voltage between CAN_low and ground.
10. Switch the ignition to the 'OFF' position.
11. Re-connect the connector to its control module.
12. Select another control module on the CAN bus and repeat tests 6 to 12.
13. If any unacceptable measurement is recorded, test each section of the CAN bus to identify the location of the fault as follows: 
-To isolate a faulty control module, carry out steps 6 to 12 from each control module on the CAN bus. 
-To isolate a wiring fault, check the integrity of the CAN bus wiring between control module connectors, looking for open circuits or shorts to power or ground.
Plausibility faults can be logged due to CAN issues where sensor and vehicle system plausibility 
tests are carried out using CAN signals.
1. Ensure the vehicle battery condition is good.
2. Check that the sensor that relates directly to the plausibility fault, identified by the DTC, is correctly and securely mounted.
3. If there are any DTCs relating to CAN communication between control modules, resolve these issues.
4. If the plausibility fault relates to the DSC Sensor Cluster or the Steering Angle Sensor, check the vehicle geometry and Steering Angle Sensor calibration.

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