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Online Pdf Hyundai Electtical Wiring Diagrams

When you want to locate the schematic components on the vehicle, use the Component Location Index which follows each schematic. A Component Location Index lists major components, connectors, grounds, diodes, and their physical location and page reference. Almost all components, connectors or grounds, and diodes shown on a schematic can be pinpointed visually by using the Component Location Illustrations.

Component Locations make it easy to find the schematic components on the vehicle shown in the Component Location Index.

This section shows the cavity or terminal locations in all the multi-pin connectors shown in the schematic diagrams. It will help you to locate check points, together with the wire colors and terminal numbers in the schematic. The configuration drawings show the connector view as seen from a component after the harness connector has been disconnected. When more than one connector is connected to a component, the connectors are all shown together. Both halves of in-line connectors are shown together.

Harness layouts show the routing of the major wiring harnesses, the in-line connectors and the splices between the major harnesses. These layouts will make electrical troubleshooting easier.

A connector identification symbol consists of a wiring harness location classification symbol corresponding to a wiring harness location and number corresponding to the connector. These connector locations can be found in the HARNESS LAYOUTS.

The following five-steps troubleshooting procedure is recommended.
1.Verify the customer’s complaints
Turn on all the components in the problem circuit to check the accuracy of the customer’s complaints. Note the symptoms. Do not begin disassembly or testing until you have narrowed down the probable causes.
2.Read and analyze the schematic diagram
Locate the schematic for the problem circuit. Determine how the circuit is supposed to work by tracing the current paths from the power source through the system components to ground. If you do not understand how the circuit should work, read the circuit operation text. Also check other circuits that share with the problem circuit. The name of circuits that share the same fuse, ground, or switch, for example, are referred to on each diagram. Try to operate any shared circuits you did not check in step 1. If the shared circuit works, the shared wiring is okay, and the cause must be within the wiring used only by the problem circuit. If several circuits fail at the same time, the fuse or ground is a likely cause.
3.Inspect the circuit/ component with the problem isolated
Make a circuit test to check the diagnosis you made in step 2. Remember that a logical, simple procedure is the key to efficient troubleshooting. Narrow down the probable causes using the troubleshooting hints and system diagnosis charts. Test for the most likely cause of failure first. Try to make tests at points that are easily accessible.
4.Repair the problem
Once the problem is found, make the necessary repairs.
5.Make sure the circuit works
Repeat the system check to be sure you have repaired the problem. If the problem was a blown fuse, be sure to test all of the circuits on that fuse.
Use a test lamp or a voltmeter on circuits without solid-state units and use a test lamp to check for voltage. A test lamp is made up of a 12-volt light bulb with a pair of leads attached. After grounding one lead, touch the other lead to various points along the circuit where voltage should be present. When the bulb goes on, there is voltage at the point being tested.>
A number of circuits include solid-state modules, 
such as the Engine Control Module(ECM), used with computer command con trol injection. Voltage in these circuits should be tested only with a 10-megaohm or higher impedance digital volt-met er . Never use a test lamp on circuits that contain solid state modules. Damage to the modules may result.

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