Hyundai D6GA Engine Mechanical System

Online Pdf Hyundai D6GA Engine Mechanical System

1. Outline/Structure/Operation
- High rigidity CGI material application
- Truss structure application
2. Main features - Durability enhancement and light weight with high 
rigidity CGI material application
-Block stiffness enhancement due to truss structure used by oil return passage
-Reliability improvement in leak by integrating rear platetoblock
3. Main improvement
- Durable reliability improvement
- NVH improvement

1. Outline/Structure/Operation - Intake/exhaust port connecting intake/exhaust 
manifold and combustion chamber to exchange intake/exhaust gas is installed
2. Main features - Upper/lower water jacket separation type - Cooling performance maximization by minimizing 
temperature deviations among cylinders
- Intake manifold one unit

1. Outline/Structure/Operation
- Replaceable oil filter type and front engine layout
- Built-out aluminum oil cooler adoption
2. Main features - Replacement cost reduction and serviceability 
with the application of replaceable oil filter
- Heat exchange efficiency improvement due to the application of aluminum material

1. Outline/Structure/Operation - This is the system to convey power to 
transmission after converting reciprocating motion to rotating motion due to combustion.
2. Main features - Improved piston durability with application of high 
rigidity aluminum material
-Durability and wear resistance improvement with application combine-coated with chrome ceramic in outer surface of piston ring #1
3. Main improvement
- Piston durability
- Piston ring #1 durability and wear resistance

1. Outline/Structure/Operation - This is the system to drive accessory 
parts(alternator, air conditioner, water pump) attached to the engine.
2. Main features
- V-ribbed belt : Belt durability improvement
- Automatic belt tension adjustment

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