Honda Civic Hatchback Owners Manual

2000 Civic Hatchback Online Reference Owners Manual

Your car is equipped with many features that work together to protect you and your passengers during a crash. Some safety features do not require any action on your part. These include a strong steel framework that forms a safety cage around the passenger compartment front and rear crush zones that are designed to crumple and absorb energy during a crash and a collapsible steering column. These safety features are designed to reduce the severity of injuries in a crash. However, you and your passengers can't take full advantage of these safety features unless you remain sitting in a proper position and always wear your seat belts properly. In fact, some safety features can contribute to injuries if they are not used properly.

Seat Belts

For your safety, and the safety of your passengers, your car is equipped with seat belts in all seating positions. Your seat belt system also includes a light on the instrument panel to remind you and your passengers to fasten your seat belts.

Why Wear Seat Belts

Seat belts are the single most effective safety device for adults and larger children. (Infants and smaller children must be properly restrained in child seats.) Not wearing a seat belt properly increases the chance of serious injury or death in a crash, even though your car has airbags.

Seats & Seat-Backs

Your car's seats are designed to keep you in a comfortable, upright position so you can take full advantage of the protection offered by seat belts and the energy absorbing materials in the seats. How you adjust your seats and seat-backs can also affect your safety. For example, sitting too close to the steering wheel or dashboard increases the risk of you or your passenger being injured by striking the inside of the car, or by an inflating airbag. Reclining a seat-back too far reduces the seat belt's effectiveness and increases the chance that the seat's occupant will slide under the seat belt in a crash and be seriously injured.

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