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This manual describes in details the structural characteristics, operation methods, and maintenance specifications for this series passenger vehicle. Carefully reading this manual can enable you to appropriately use and maintain your vehicle, ensure your safety, and better feel the driving pleasure. This series passenger vehicle conforms to Chinese Stage-IV emission regulation. Due to different designs and configurations of the vehicle models, some devices, equipment, or functions described herein may not be incorporated on certain vehicle model. All items other than the standard configuration are marked with “Optional”.  

Haima Car Co.,Ltd reserves the right without prior notice to cease the use of or change the technical specification due to continual optimization and upgrade of the product. The personnel of the sales and service shops of Haima Car Co.,Ltd passed professional trainings to provide you with best consultations, repairs, and services. 

Chapter I Safety System 
I. Opening and Locking System  
1.1 Key and remote controller Every passenger vehicle is 
attached with one set of keys, namely convention key and remote control key, as shown in the figure. The keys are applicable for all locks on the vehicle, including ignition lock and door lock. If the vehicle is not fitted with PEPS, the key as one part of the remote control lock transponder can be used for ignition lock and door lock.Upon receipt of the vehicle keys, a key number plate will be provided, which is the DNA of the keys. When it’s necessary to match new keys, this key number shall be provided. At ordinary times, preserve the number plate at a safe place. In addition, write down the number of the number plate and properly preserve in an easily accessible place. However, do not preserve within the vehicle.

When it’s necessary to match keys, please contact the sales and service shop of Haima Car Co.,Ltd with the presence of the key number plate. For remote control key, to unlock, lock, or start the vehicle with key, press the button 1 to unfold the key and press this button to manually fold the key. The remote control key can be used to unlock and lock all doors and liftgate lock (Tip: Please properly preserve your keys and key number plate).

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