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The repair works of the vehicle are dangerous. The repair personnel not receiving the related vehicle repair training will probably cause repair failure or even loss of properties and personal injuries. Only the technical personnel receiving the related vehicle repair training and having actual repair experiences are allowed for repair works.  

The repair procedures contained in this manual, including parts “Warning” and “Caution”, are prepared by technical training personnel of Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. Before the repair operations, the repair personnel shall carefully read this manual to understand general safety procedures. The technical personnel shall abide by the “Warnings” and “Cautions” to reduce the injury hazard and the possibility of vehicle damage and potential safety problems arising from the improper repairs and services. It’s of equal importance that it should be understood that the “Warnings” and “Cautions” do not include everything and are impossible to warn all hazardous consequences arising from the violations of the operation procedures. 

The repair recommendations and related procedures contained in this manual are the effective service and repair methods. Some repair operations require the use of special tools. The personnel using the procedures or tools not recommended by Haima Automobile must take cautions to guarantee the safety of personnel and vehicle.  

The genuine Haima Automobile parts or the parts designated by Haima Automobile shall be used during replacement of parts. Haima Automobile will not be liable for any problem arising from the following factors: Insufficient training, improper use of tools, use of non-genuine Haima Automobile parts or parts other than those designated by Haima Automobile, and the negligence of revisions to this manual. The factors are not limited to the above mentioned ones.  

Haima Automobile reserves the right to change the design of the vehicle and contents of this manual without prior notice to the users and will not be liable for any consequence thereof. 

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