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Overview  Subject Scope
This manual comprises procedures on engine maintenance, and specific procedures fall into 5 basic operation steps:  
I: dismantling/mounting; II disassembling /mounting; III: resetting; IV inspection; V adjustment. Simple operation may be completed by inspecting the engine appearance, such as dismantling/mounting of periphery parts, parts cleaning, and appearance inspection etc.  

Overhaul Steps: 
1.Prior to most overhaul work, illustrative pictures shall be observed because they will help distinguish parts & components, illustrate the parts fastening way, and the way of inspecting parts appearance. In addition, illustration explanations are attached to dismantling/mounting procedures in need of systematic demonstration.  
2.On illustrations there are symbols of wearing parts, tightening torque, lubricating oil, and sealant, and also corresponding explanations and marks are made to special tools or equipments for dismantling or mounting.  
3.Corresponding numbers are marked on pictures for the operation sequence and parts’ major operation process. In general, information of this kind serves as key and core content of the diagnosis procedure. Due to this, please refer to these materials during the overhauling process. 

Dismantle the engine from the maintenance platform according to steps reverse to “Mount the Engine onto Maintenance Platform”.  
The engine maintenance platform’s self-locking brake system may lose efficacy in an unbalanced state, for instance, the engine maintenance platform suffers unbalance due to sudden and rapid action resulting from the engine mounting onto and dismantling from the platform, which will result in danger. Due to this, to ensure the engine and the entire maintenance platform’s balance during the operation process, the maintenance platform’s rotary handle shall be held tightly in hands during the engine tilting process.  

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