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This manual describes in details the structural characteristics, operation methods, and maintenance specifications for this series passenger vehicle. Carefully reading this manual can enable you to appropriately use and maintain your vehicle, ensure your safety, and better feel the driving pleasure.  This series passenger vehicle conforms to Chinese Stage-IV/Beijing Stage-V emission regulations.  Due to different designs and configurations of the vehicle models, some devices, equipment, or functions described herein may not be incorporated on certain vehicle model.  All items other than the standard configuration are marked with “Optional”. 

Thanks for your choosing Haima passenger vehicle, which will become your regretless choice. The product model checked below is your purchased model:

  1. HMA7150DA4W
  2. HMA7150DB4W
  3. HMA7150DC4W

Light-up of charging indicator  
If the charging system indicator lights up during normal running of the engine, it indicates that the charging system ceases to charge the battery. This is an abnormal symptom.  
In such case, turn off all electric accessories immediately, stop the use of other electric control devices (such as electric window), and keep the running of the engine. Pay special attention not to stop the engine, as the restart of the engine will consume much electric energy. In such case, carefully drive the vehicle to the sales and service shop of Haima Car Co., Ltd. or repair shop for technical assistance.

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