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Service information
Towing of the vehicle 
The VT3 transmission must not be towed. This is because there is no oil pressure in the primary pulley unless the engine is running and belt slip would therefore occur. Recovery must be conducted with the front wheels lifted clear of the ground (suspended tow).

Service intervals 
At least every 2year or 60.000 km the transmission needs a refill of the oil and a replacement of the oil filter. For this purpose, the gearbox is equipped with an oil drain plug and a top filler plug. The vehicle manufacturer can reduce the service interval of the transmission to match it with the standard service intervals for the vehicle.

Oil specification 
ESSO EZL799(A).  
PETRONAS Tutela Transmission CVT-PPT 
The use of other oil will lead to damages in the transmission and will result in rejection of warranty claims. 
Oil refill/check procedure, see service instruction 2.1 
Oil level checks procedure, see service instruction 2.2 

The risk of changing fuel system: 
-the vehicle will has different or unstable out of torque, this will cause: 
-Different performance -Very bad driving adaption -Fault code 
-Clutch problem 
-Clutch adaption problem -Belt slipping 
Punch does not allow changing fuel system. Please use oil which we suggest one. Use another oil will cause CVT problem, and will be out of warranty. 

Clutch adaptation procedure
After:  -uploading new software in the TCU or 
-replacement of transmission or -replacement of TCU 
-replace hydraulic unit,  
the clutches need an adaptation to compensate for tolerances. 
This can be done by executing shift actions during idle.  
The TCU warning lamp will blink at a 2 second interval until the clutch adaptation procedure is completed.  
Once this procedure is completed, lifetime adaptation occurs automatically.  

These preconditions need to be met before starting the clutch adaptation procedure - Stable torque and rotations per minute (rpm) in idle state are required. Engine 
adaptation needs to be completed successfully for this. For more information on engine adaptation, please refer to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) supplier’s documentation.  
Engine rpm requirement:  ECU target value +/- 100 rpm Engine torque requirement: ECU target value +/- 4Nm 
- The transmission oil temperature needs to be between 20°C and 60°C. 
In case the TCU was adapted before (uploading new software in the TCU or replacement of transmission), the TCU needs to be reset first. This is done using the MLT tool. Please refer to the MLT documentation for more information. 

Note: prepare all things, then will carry out next step for D clutch adaption 
- Vehicle speed =0km/h 
-do not give gas 
-brake pedal works 
-shift to D 
Clutch adaption procedure will auto works. If disturbs during clutch learning, the fault code FC55 (P1774) will be active, at this time the warning lamp will be on. Everything is ok. It will take 40sec to clutch adaption in D. if clutch adaption cannot finish in 120sec, this time clutch adaption will become failure. 

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