HAIMA 7 Service Manual(MT)-M Front Axle and Rear Axle

Online Pdf HAIMA 7 Service Manual(MT)-M Front Axle and Rear Axle

General Procedures 
Front Axle and Rear Axle Precautions Wheel and Tire Removal/Installation
1. This section does not describe wheel and tire removal and installation steps; if the wheels are removed, the installation tightening torque will be 88-127 N.m 
{9.0-13.0 kgf.m, 65-94 ft.lbf}. 
Brake Line Removal and Connection 
Brake fluid may damage paint surfaces. Hence, if brake fluid stains paint surface, immediately erase it. 
1. Use SST (49 0259 770B) to tighten the brake line flared nut. If the torque wrench and the SST are used in combination, be sure to adjust the brake line flared nut tightening torque (for use of SST combined kit, see GI torque formula). 
2. If brake line is disconnected during the process, add brake fluid and drain air in brake system. After completing the above steps, check for leaks. 

Rear Bracket arm Removal/Installation 
1. Only when vehicle body height is lowered and in no-load conditions can all suspension parts with the rubber bushing be tightened.  
Notes: No load – Fuel tank in the state of fully filled; engine coolant and lubricating oil maintain required fluid levels. Spare tire, jack and tool kit are in the designed position. 

Front Axle 
Hub, Steering Knuckle Pre-inspection Wheel Bearing Clearance Inspection 
1. Attach dial gauge relatively fixed to the wheel. 
2. Pull and push the hub along the axial direction by hand and measure wheel bearing clearance. 
3.If the bearing clearance exceeds the specified value, replace the locknut and in accordance with the specified torque, tighten it before re-testing. If necessary, replace the wheel bearing. 

Hub Bolt Replacement 
1. Use SST to remove hub bolt.  
Notes: If the mudguard prevents wheel hub bolt removal, use a chisel to lightly tap the part shown in the diagram to bend it to the side of the steering knuckle.
2. Install wheel hub bolt into the wheel hub and install gasket and hub nut. 
3. Use a copper rod to fix the wheel hub and tighten the wheel hub nut. 

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