HAIMA 7 Service Manual(MT)-GI Outline

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Maintenance steps 
1.Before most of maintenance work,the illustration should be observed. It can identify the parts and explain how the parts are fixed together and the part appearance checked. Of course,the interpretation will be given by the icons only when the system requires the demonstration of removal/installation procedures, 
2.The legend described the symbols of wearing parts, tightening torques, lubricants and grease and sealant. The descriptions are also provided for special tools or equipment necessary for removal or installation. 
3.The operation sequence and the main process of part operations have been numbered with the description in the figure. This information is usually the focus of diagnostic procedures or core content, which shall be noted at the time of spare parts maintenance. 

How to use this manual Subject scope 
ŸThe present manual includes all procedures of maintenance operations,which can be divided into five basic operations: 
Simple operations can be completed through the observation of vehicle outlook e.g. the removal/installation of parts, jack, lifting of vehicle, cleaning of parts and visual observation etc., 
Maintenance procedure 
Check and adjustment 
The check and adjustment shall be carried out in several steps with the key positions and procedures as 
shown in the following Fig.: 

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