HAIMA 7 Service Manual(MT)-G Electrical System of Engine

Online Pdf HAIMA 7 Service Manual(MT)-G Electrical System of Engine

Pre-charging of Battery 
-Negative battery cable must be disconnected at first and installed at last to avoid damage of electrical components and battery. 
-Plug of battery should be removed to avoid damage or deformation of battery during charging. 
-Quick charging must not be more than 30min or the battery may be damaged. 
1. Place battery in a basin with water to avoid battery overheating. 
2. Water level should be in any case above mid height of battery. 
3. Water level should never be above top of battery.

Removal/Installation of Generator  
(The part is the same with HM483Q Engine Maintenance Manual for details) 
-If terminal B of generator contacts vehicle body with battery cable connected, spark may be generated resulting in personal injury and damage of electric components. So, battery cable must be disconnected before proceeding with following steps. 
1. Remove negative battery cable. 
2. Remove front portion of exhaust pipe (See Exhaust System, Removal/ installation of Exhaust System) 
3.Remove in order as shown in figure. 
4. Install in reverse order as of removal. 
5. Inspect deformation/tension of belt (See Drive Belt, Inspection of Drive Belt).

Table of contents Electrical System of Engine

  1. Charging System.GI-2
  2. Installation/Removal of Battery.GI-2
  3. Inspection of Battery.GI-2
  4. Pre-charging of Battery.GI-3
  5. Removal/Installation of Generator.GI-3
  6. Removal/Installation Instruction of Generator.GI-3
  7. Inspection of Generator. .................... GI-3
  8. Removal/Installation of Ignition Coil.GI-4
  9. Inspection of Ignition Coil.GI-5
  10. Starting system.GI-6
  11. Removal/Installation of Starting System.GI-6
  12. Inspection of Starter.GI-6

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