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The maintenance and repair of engine is a highly professional work. If not received the maintenance-related technical training, it is likely to cause property damage or personal injury during maintenance operations. Therefore, it is very necessary to receive the appropriate training or learn by yourself the related technical information prior to the engine maintenance and repair work.

This manual mainly describes the maintenance and repair operations of HM484Q series engine, and related technical parameters of process standards. In the course of use, it is proposed to apply in combination with the maintenance manual, circuit diagrams and other relevant information of corresponding vehicle, and strictly comply with the operation practice presented in these materials. 

The contents of manual are categorized according to the component assemblies and systems of engine (Such as: generator, starter, lubrication system, etc.); the order of each part of content in this manual is arranged according to the order broken down of engine from outside to inside (the engine can be completely decomposed as per the order of operations set out in this manual that). It is proposed to read through this manual before the operations of repair and maintenance.  

All contents of this manual are the latest information at the time of publication, and the applied data are in line with the technical standards of HM484Q series. FAW HAIMA Power Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change the engine technique features and contents relevant in this manual. The technical personnel using this manual shall pay attention to the updated information at any time. 

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